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2011 New Year’s Resolutions – Revisited

Before I write my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions, lets take a look at how I did on my resolutions last year.

1. Lose weight (Completed)

My goal last year was to lost 15lbs and go from 168lbs to 153lbs. During the first half of the year, I gained 5lbs and was 173lbs by the beginning of the summer. However, I got my act together and started eating less and running. By the end of the summer I lost ~23lbs and made it down to 150lbs!

2. Rebel against consumerism (Some-what complete)

Over the past year, I’ve adopted a 1-in-2-out policy for clothes. Throwing out or donating 2 pieces of clothes for everyone one bought has really cut down on the amount of stuff I own.

3. Stay organized (Not attempted)

This one is tough, I tried to organize myself using notebooks from Behance and apps like Teux Deux. But it was tough, and I spent the year fighting a losing battle.

4. Learn to program for the web (A little bit)

I spent 3 months learning Ruby on Rails with the help of countless Rails books and sites like Rails for Zombies. It was fun, but time consuming and I didn’t keep it up during the year.

5. Really learn how to play the guitar (Not attempted)

I really did not pick up my guitar last year, I hope to pick it up again this year.

6. Get better at squash (Stopped playing)

After school ended, it became impossible to find a court that didn’t cost $60/hr to play.

7. Stay better connected to people not via Facebook

I’m using Facebook less and less these days. Posting “Happy Birthday” on someone’s wall is not actually staying in touch with that person. I resolve to stop doing that, and start keeping in touch the old fashion way… via text message.

8. Write more thank you notes (Kinda)

I got the thank you cards, but have not been sending as many as I should.

9. Gossip less (Kinda)

This is a work in progress.

10. Cook more (Completed)

I’ve been cooking way more than I have ever in my life, but I hope to do more this year.

- Overall, not too bad, I think I should revisit these half way through the year to remind myself what I wrote. On to 2012!