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This is a Good Song: Tupac – Changes

I was watching a documentary on Tupac Shakur last week, he was a deep deep dude. He was completely mis-understood by most and fascinating to learn about years after his death.

This is from an interview he did many years before his death:
“If you know in this hotel room they have food every day and I knock on the door. Every day they open the door to let me see the party, let me see that they throwing salami, throwing food around telling me there’s no food. Every day. I’m standing outside trying to sing my way in- “We are weak, please let us in. We’re weak, please let us in.” After about a week the song is gonna change to, “We’re hungry, we need some food.” After two, three weeks it’s like “Give me some of the food! I’m breaking down the door.” After a year it’s like, “I’m picking the lock, coming through the door blasting.” It’s like, “I’m hungry.” You reached your level, you don’t want any more. We asked ten years ago, we were asking with the Panthers, we were asking in the Civil Rights Movement. Now those who were asking are all dead or in jail, what are we gonna do? And we shouldn’t be angry!?”